The Time Lapse of our Journey

Triz Consultant Co.,Ltd. was established in 2007 with the concept of creating an innovative contemporary tropical architecture which complement Thailand environmental setting. The company also provide a full range services which related to a Design and Construction field. Our team comprises architects, designers, engineers, and managements; all of whom are qualified and experienced in a various range of projects. Therefore, with a professional outlook towards each project, The company is confident to undertake the clients objectives from the beginning of the project until its reached a final satisfaction form of Architecture.

• Private House •

 An architecture design for an individual, single family, household or several families.

• Restaurants •

The establishment suitably designed and planed under the concept for food and beverage service.

• Landscape •

Area planning and exterior designing for environment around the architecture.

• Housing •

A Home which responds various of life styles and provides all facilities for family.

• Residential Interiors •

Space planning and interior design for the resident.

• Office Building •

Constructing and Designing building architecture for working place

• Hotels & Resorts •

Architecture which established and designed to be a place having full service of facility for travelers

• Competition •

Our rewards

• Office Interiors •

Interior area planning and decorating of working space.

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