Triz Consultant Co.,Ltd. was  established in 2007. It started with providing services in architectural and interior designs, under the concept of “Less is More”, striving for both value and aesthetic that comply with the objectives of the projects. Its works significantly reflect the architectural identity, simplicity, and equality through the differentiate of contexts by designing the space in architecture that adequately with the intention of the use. Minimized the unnecessary in order to simplified the architectural elements that essentially rich in details. The selection of materials that concerned to the sense of place, the suitability of usage, and ultimately budgetary control.             

After years of gaining experiences with the continuous attempt to develop modern architectural form, its result in profoundly understanding and integration that lead to the new knowledge of design method that blending Thai Architectural Wisdom, and conforming the design process of Modern Tropical Architectural with national recognition.

Throughly through the creativity, attentive details in every process, from architectural design to constructive process along with experienced and professional of architects, interior architects, designer, and engineers, Triz Consultant Co.,Ltd. is gained trusts and given opportunities by number of clients which gradually increase over the 10 years of its existence.

At presence, Triz Consultant Co., Ltd. provides services covering architectural and interior designs, landscape architecture, graphic designs, and complete process of building construction. Moreover, the company provides dental clinics design specialty under the name of “Den Triz” and also be a leader in architectural design from “Used shipping container architecture” which is green and sustainability living units under the name of “MagicBloc”.